========== 4.6.1 - natasha - beta ==========
-------------- 2024-02-18 ------------------
* Version 4.6.0 used a monospaced font for the trees. This looks on
  some systems like horseshit. Now you can choose yourself if a 
  monospaced font should be used or not.

* The settings "Skip interviews" and "Skip intro" were not loaded

* new setting: use monospaced font

========== 4.6.0 - natasha - beta ==========
-------------- 2024-02-18 ------------------
* when you add persons from the clipboard and one or more persons a missing
  you can either let Scenerixx search within the aliases or you can create
  the persons fast right away. Those persons have a flag 'wizard generated'
  so that you can complete the data later
* new person filter: wizard generated
* movie types can now be set via simply copying a string into a textarea

* Scenerixx VLC Bridge shows better feedback
  Note: you need to copy the lua script manually to update (see here)
* movie types on movies and scenes are not restricted to six anymore
* when you negate a search term (prefix two dashes: --term) the search will now
  also consider names of performers and the movie tags
* splitted person details panel into three tabs
* splitted scene person details panel into four tabs
* select random playlist: if a playlist is selected another playlist will get 
  randomly selected.
  If a playlist entry is selected, another entry from the same playlist will get 
  randomly selected.
* check if file is available before opening VLC
* show message dialog if you are running out of space while generating screencaps
  (without screencaps the duplicate finder does not work)
* improved/introduced some status/error messages
* Statistic: select which data should be calculated
* Details / Person  / Statistic: some new data
* movie comparison highlights differences
* searching for a person in the combobox in the person details window via
  keyboard should be now a bit faster since data is loaded deferred and not
  with every key stroke
* search text field in the studio window
* when the filter "hide movies where all scene lengths are set" was used
  it was not possible to use a negated search term
* the search is significantly faster for searches where a value for immersion,
  counter, mirrored, censored, decensored, vertical or any person rating is provided
* new search fields: slow motion, regrettably awesome, eye contact with partner,
  eye contact with camera, intercut, incomplete, bonus scene, summary, pov (bookmarks),
  pubic hair length
* new movie types: DAP, DPP, TAP, TPP, Electro
* new bookmark type: cum eating, electro
* new appearance field: pubic hair length
* reordered the search a bit
* search: replaced some textfields with comboboxes
* a new pie chart shows the studios a performer has worked for
* added some icons to the statistic
* movie list window uses now a monospaced font which helps the readability 
  especially when the meta data is prefixed
* modified / moved some buttons for better (?) overview
* in the top lists a country flag is displayed next to the name
* person nodes have the country flag in the icon
* display icons in person statistic 
* filters are cleared before opening movies in the movie window (e.g. from the
  search results)
* new field for persons: date of death, cause of death
* re-create screencaps of single scenes
* after a screencap is re-recreated it gets automatically reloaded
* person details is loaded a bit faster

* the search highlighting in the movies window was not working when metadata
  were prefixed
* shortcut for adding to temporary playlist in studio window was not working
* in the studio window movies/scenes/bookmarks were not added to a temporary 
* history playlist: "start from here [reverse]" was either in the reversed order
  or was not working at all
* "Show pictures" used the wrong width
* deleting a movie object for a DVD was not deleting all data in the database
  which made it impossible to re-create a movie for this movie after deleting it
* after creating a new person the person was not available in the drop down list
  to select a person in the person details panel
* no person body data was shown if it was not marked as default
* after adding a person from clipboard to a scene in the studio window the node
  was not updated
* after saving a movie with an intro bookmark the intro was loaded even though
  the movie node was still selected
* after updating a scene node not all information were displayed
* under rare circumstances the person importer created/duplicated the existing
  person body objects
* the movie window showed "DVD" as an option in the order list even though
  the settings disabled "DVD"
* removing a person from the search result via CTRL+DEL was not working
* "Add n Sub-bookmarks to bookmark" was throwing an exception
* fixed some bugs in the search (and definitely introduced some new ones)
* Studio field 'defunct' was not mapped during synchronization

* new import files (33 females, 73 males, 14 studio)

* tweaked the layout here a bit and there a bit
* movies with a rating of 11 or 12 will have a flame in the node icon
* changed shortcut for adding an entity to the playlist to CTRL+P (since the
  old one, CTRL+INSERT, was not working)
* a button to upload a movie was visible even though the functionality was not
  implemented yet. The button was removed.
* the drop down under "statistic / top" does not reload the statistic 
  automatically anymore
* upgraded dependencies
* on Linux GTK3 gets now requested (necessary for the Worldmap)
* for generating screencaps you need at least ~120 MB free disc space
* if you are using the VLC plugin make sure you activated OSD see here

========== 4.5.0 - natasha - beta ==========
-------------- 2023-10-22 ------------------
* new filter to select movies with/without screencaps

* the search text field in the Windows movie now also considers movie types
  and performer names (see here)
* the 'add to specific playlist' dialog remembers now the last ordering of the
* statistic: top nationalities
* start hour text field is selected after selecting the next scene after saving
* new search field: VR
* Scenerixx VLC Bridge shows now feedback after calling a function
  Note: you need to copy the lua script manually to update (see here)
* Options panel: buttons to check if VLC, FFmpeg, MediaInfo can be found
* person of the day is not selected if the person window should not be loaded
  at start time. That saves ~0.5 seconds.
* show youngest/oldest age of a performer in the person details window
* show shortest/longest scene runtime of a performer in the person details window
* filtering movies by unset scene lengths is now ~50% faster
* compare movies window can now be closed with the ESC-key
* following windows can now be reloaded via F5 key: Movies, Persons, Studios,
  Medium Files, Playlist 
* statistic numbers are loaded on demand (making the opening of the statistic
  window faster)
* you can now zoom into the world map with the mouse wheel
* generation of statistic numbers don't take that long anymore
* you can now mark several movies at once as duplicates
* message dialog for 'mark as no duplicate' is only shown once per session
* when you add a scene to an existing movie the release date of the movie
  gets applied to the scene
* person details / performed with drop down: show how often a person performed
  with the other person
* person details / performed with/similar drop down: open in Persons window
* scene specific person details can now be saved with CTRL+S
* improved the search a bit (reordering some elements, load some options faster)
* improved (?) the ordering of elements in the indexing window a bit
* context menu on the root node in the person / studio window is now also 
  available if no list is loaded yet
* "Set Studio" remembers the last decision

* the details bookmark form was not showing all components for orgasm bookmarks
* moving playlist entries via drag&drop was not working
* the search was not always correctly initialized when certain search parameters
  were used
* some "tip of the day" were cut off
* prefix meta data was not working when "show playlist" was clicked
* trying to delete a temporary playlist resulted in an exception
* the exclusion via two dashes in the search text field in the Windows movie 
  was not working
* "Unlock secret items" could cause an exception
* "Lock secret items" initialized the statistic window if it was not open
* The person ratings sympathy, teeth and feet were not correctly saved/resetted/loaded
* deleting a studio via shortcut could fail
* the person details were not available right after adding a person to a scene
* the person details panel showed some drop down list for males that were
  only intended for female persons

* new import files (70 females, 12 males, 16 studio)

* improved startup time for about 2 or 3 seconds
* statistic window is never loaded during startup to reduce startup time
* upgraded dependencies
* lot of refactorings

========== 4.4.0 - natasha - beta ==========
-------------- 2023-07-20 ------------------
* Scenerixx VLC Bridge (see here)
* option to let the Duplicate Finder only consider one specific directory

* the search in the Movies window also considers now the alternative title field
* Metadata can be optionally prefixed to the movie title
* the file chooser dialog in the wizard panel uses now the current directory
  and does not need to select explicitly the directory
* improvements of tooltips on the worldmap
* new cumshot target: on legs
* new person details fields: accent, armpit hair, leg hair, body hair
* new movie / scene field: shot in country
* new movie type: trashy
* new cloth: spandex
* new fields for bookmarks
* new fields for squirting bookmark
* new fields for cumshot bookmark
* new fileds for orgasm bookmark: times
* new fields for persons: height / height in cm
* in a multi-screen setup some dialogs pop up at the current monitor (even
  though not all of them at the moment)
* ScenerixxHub: don't autoplay
* ScenerixxHub: use poster
* buttons of date pickers have a better contrast

* on bookmarks: persons were not saved (or resetted if they already existed) 
* in some cases the search delivered no results
* closing the Wizard option panel via the X started the Wizard anyway
* the search result sometimes contained wrong results 
* person / studio exporter was using a platform dependent separator for the
  export path
* moving a scene node to a different position via drag and drop discarded any
  previously made changes to this scene (if the tree was not completely reloaded)

* new import files (7 females, 8 males, 3 studio)

* when a scene is selected the start minute textfield to get the focus 
  automatically anymore.

========== 4.3.1 - natasha - beta ==========
-------------- 2023-06-16 ------------------
* added new rating fields in person details tab: dress, performance, appearance
* added several differentiator fields in person details tab

* selection of sub-bookmarks was not working
* opening movies from the Studio window was not working
* adding persons via ALT+A caused duplicate associations
* reload after person upload does not take that long anymore
* the runtime of a bookmark was not directly applied and needed a full reload
* the abortion flag is shared with several functions (e.g. Wizard, Find 
  Duplicates). Thus they should not be executed in parallel
* The studio details tab was not completely visible under certain circumstances
* drop downs for the active/passive persons had the wrong renderer
* opening a movie via double click on the screencap was not working when
  a bookmark was selected
* "Purge" cleans up orphaned bodypart objects. (This can take a bit the first
  time. I discovered a LOT of orphaned bodyparts in the database. It's not 
  harmful but it took with 500k orphaned objects nearly a quarter of the size
  of the database. Till now I was not able to reproduce this behavior so this
  is fighting the symptoms and not fixing the root cause).

* new import files (5 females, 1 studio)

========== 4.3.0 - natasha - beta ==========
-------------- 2023-06-10 ------------------
* a click on the pie chart on the person details panel opens all movies to the
  corresponding movie type
* up to 9 user-defined tags (title can be changed in the options)
* context menu for movie nodes: compare movies
* show optionally "year" / "resolution" in movie nodes
* button to select a random node in the Playlist window

* the search should show a better performance in most cases
* adding persons from clipboard ignores now trailing spaces
* adding persons from clipboard gives better feedback if a person is missing
* adding persons from clipboard handles ambiguous results better
* new context menu on playlist entries: Delete movie & files from disc
* ordered (most) of the search panels alphabetically
* added some icons
* new movie types: fake tits, natural tits, classy, massage
* button in the details window to load the parent entity
* a lot of smaller improvements in the Search window
* statistic: show number of secret persons
* when adding to a specific playlist the last used playlist is pre-selected
* possibility to cancel adding entities to playlist dialog
* adding new fields to movie entity: IAFD url, official URL, alternative title
* last used playlist is loaded on startup
* new search parameter: location
* person can be added twice to a scene
* improved performance of the Scenerixx Wizard a bit
* try to consider the generation of the screencaps of the "Approx. time left"
  value in the Wizard
* optionally the Duplicate Finder can be started directly after the Scenerixx Wizard

* the wizard was aborting before all screencaps were generated
* the wizard aborted indexing if all queues ran empty before finishing the indexing
* certain UTF-8 characters in file names could cause the wizard to stop.
  They are now listed after the wizard is finished.
* searching a studio via keyboard could lead into an endless loop of loading two 
  different studios resulting in a deadlock
* setting the playlist window as "dirty" resulted in a recursion
* locking the session did not reload profile pictures according to the settings
* studio property "defunct" was ignored by the im-/exporter
* quoted search terms were not highlighted
* the Wizard was reading all available studios for each file. Once is enough.
* the search in the movie list was not always correct when the combobox
  "Order" was something else then "All"

* Scenerixx comes with data of over 2000 persons. Yeah!
* reordered some components in the Search window
* removed context menu 'open playlist item (looped)'
* changed icons for "select random node" and "open random"
* updated dependencies
* some refactoring
* some smaller fixes
* changed default look and feel to FlatDarkLaf

* new import files (31 females, 1 ts, 21 males, 22 studios)

========== 4.2.0 - natasha - beta ==========
-------------- 2023-04-13 ------------------
* add persons from clipboard (see here)

* movies can now be filtered by resolution
* screencaps for vertical movies keep the ratio (you need to re-create those
  manually. Find them via Search / General / Vertical).
* deleting playlist entries from the history playlist took longer than needed
* tweaked layout of details panel a bit
* when searching for several persons you can now use " and " as a delimiter, 
  e-g. "Lisa Ann, Jessa Rhoades & Natasha Nice and Aurora Snow" would find
  four persons
* deferred loading of pie chart / movie types of a person for better performance
* changed layout / workflow of the wizard options panel a bit
* movie nodes are not marked with "missing person" icon if only the "behind the
  scenes"-scene has no associated persons
* show resolution of playable in the info panel in the details window
* transgender/VR icon was not really visible when a dark theme was used
* the layout of the "Statistic / Top" table was sometimes a bit off
* saving a new person does not update the person list automatically anymore
* warn if "Open in 'Movies' window" uses a filter on the result
* (de-)selecting search parameters via the textfield reacts now much better
  and the contrast of the text is also better
* after saving a note the cursor stays at the same position
* Context menu "add person(s)" allows now to add a person several times to a scene

* path to server was assembled wrong on Windows platform
* ScenerixxHub tried to load offline files
* secret playables were shown on the history playlist
* "view might be out of sync" hint was never removed in the studios panel
* "neutral" values were not readable in the statistic panel when a dark theme
  was used
* Title of "person details" tab was not updated when a person was selected from
  the current scene list

* some refactoring
* updated dependencies
* add more logging

* new import files (28 females, 2 ts, 20 males, 27 studios)

========== 4.1.0 - natasha - beta ==========
-------------- 2023-02-28 ------------------
* Double click a picture in a screencap and VLC will be opened at that timestamp

* new setting: Wizard / Apply tags only if they are prefixed with a #
* new setting: Wizard / Always associate all persons
* remember decision if an empty directory should get deleted or not
* new search fields: min/max, age for TS
* new movie type: anal only, anal toys, vomit

* selecting a person could lead into an endless loop of loading two different
  persons resulting in a deadlock
* ordering persons by date of creation showed accidentally secret persons 

* updated download paths for VLC and mediainfo to the latest version
* upgraded dependencies

* new import files (3 females, 9 males, 2 studios)

========== 4.0.0 - natasha - beta ==========
-------------- 2023-02-19 ------------------
* Minimum Java version is now 17
* If you are using MySql/MariaDB as a database you need to replace the string
  "javax.persistence" with "jakarta.persistence" in your configuration file

* Person details window: show similar persons
* Person details window: show other persons the person performed with
* World map in statistic window 

* Find duplicates: show remaining time
* movie nodes show playables without associated persons (show expensive icons 
  must be activated)
* movie nodes show a red bullet for wizard generated playables
* top list: show 50, 100 items
* added some icons
* some filters for the top list
* if the root node in the movie tab is selected and the open button is pressed,
  all movies are opened
* the wizard now detects also person names that are separated by a dot 
  (e.g. Kagney.Linn.Karter)
* new ethnicity value: middle eastern
* added button 'Open in Movies' in the search result panel
* new locations: library, tent, bridge, snow
* new movie type: tiny tits, TP, christmas, halloween, wedding
* new cs target: on closed lips
* new bookmark type: scating, kissing
* new bookmark flag: POV
* don't show gantt chart if bookmarks don't contain data about the time
* the details window has now a border with a different color depending on the 
  loaded entity
* reset the form after the bulk renamer finished
* context menu for movie nodes: re-create screencaps
* location combo box is now sorted alphabetically
* movie type combo box is now sorted alphabetically
* autocompleter in windows movie has no restriction on input length anymore
* added partner compatibility differentiator
* purge functionality checks now also for orphaned scene detail objects
* associated persons to a movie / scene can be loaded directly from the details
* added context menu for the text areas public/private description
* added combobox on studio details page to load any other existing studio

* the deletion of medium files sometimes failed
* The details window was not showing up immediately if the first selected node 
  was a studio or person
* tab title of the person details windows was not updated when a person was
  selected in the current scene list in the details window
* after saving a movie the details tab did not show the playlists the movie is 
  on anymore
* Wizard: percentage of processed movie files was not considering deleted movies
  and duplicates
* Studios with a parent studio could not get imported
* the differentiator of the movie sound quality was not always saved correctly
* the differentiator for fake obviousness was not imported/exported
* the wizard did not import person body data for newly imported persons
* an exception was thrown if no statistic data was available
* UI state of the medium file window was not always correctly persisted

* upgraded dependencies
* pushed some pixels
* some search fields were disabled depending on other selected fields. This code
  was removed since it was neither consistent nor complete 
* 'Create new movie' in the medium files window uses now the first filename as
  movie title and not the generic '[New Movie]' anymore 
* removed context menu 'open [playable] (looped)'
* fixed some other smaller bugs / introduced some new bugs

* new import files (40 females, 2 ts, 13 males, 35 studios)

========== 3.6.0 - darla - beta ==========
-------------- 2022-10-31 ----------------
* Search options can be now selected via text input
* mark movies as 'no duplicate'
* scenes can be moved via drag and drop to another movie
* statistic: added some top list 
* playlist can be copied to another directory (see here)

* added to person scene details: mentioned age, guessed age 
* added icons to some context menus
* added search options: foursomes, big cock, [reverse][anal] piledriver
* Within the context menu "Add to specific playlist" you can create a new playlist
* duplicate finder dialog: show human readable durations

* the wizard option "multi file" is not available for existing data 
* searching for persons returned false positives if body parts were part of the 
  search criteria and the body parts were found in different 'person body' objects
  of the same person
* from/to-date of person bodys were not exported

* upgraded dependencies
* some refactoring
* some context menu actions are now also available when several nodes are selected
* if an age is provided as a search option not all persons need to match
  the given age, just one (males/females are treated separately) to get a 

* new import files (18 females, 9 males, 5 studios)

========== 3.5.0 - darla - beta ==========
-------------- 2022-09-23 ----------------
* Wizard has now an option to detect multi file movies
* after deleting a file check if the directory is empty and if so ask if it 
  should also get deleted
* Tools / Options / Admin / Delete deleted mediums
* Tools / Options / Admin / Delete search terms
* set/unset secret flag for movies via context menu
* visualizing bookmarks for scenes in a Gantt chart 

* two placeholders for studios: [No studio], [Unknown studio]
* when searching for several persons in the person window you can now use also 
  an ampersand (&) as an delimiter instead of a comma (or mix them both)
* if a playable object is on a playlist show in the details window also
  at which position of the playlist it is
* new (rare) flag for scenes: incomplete
* new search option: favorite
* new bookmark flag: highlight
* new bookmark types: humiliate, buttrose, gaping, undress
* new field for studios: year of defunct
* "reset list" button in studios window when showing Scenerixx files
* "import selected studios" button in studios window when showing Scenerixx files
* wizard: slightly improved performance
* wizard: show passed time & time ahead and some other data regarding the status
* unlock secret items: improved performance
* defer loading of playlists during startup (improving startup performance)
* improved some error messages
* added some checks
* selecting a scene under a person node also selects now the scene in the movie
  window (before only the movie was selected)
* don't preselect 'reminds me of' filter after startup in the person window 
  if the session is not unlocked
* 'Add person' allows to add up to four persons at the same time
* 'Add person' pre-selects now the last person that you added
* partner compatibility: approved
* "Reset Registration" is now much faster and doesn't take minutes any more
* The help and changelog window from a previous session should get close
  now during startup
* (some) context menu uses icons
* show IP after starting Scenerixx Hub
* multi-selection for some lists (appearance, clothes, jewelry) works now 
  without pressing CTRL

* changes to a scene got lost if directly after that persons were associated 
  to this scene via drag & drop
* moving a playlist entry to another playlist was not working
* moving a playlist entry to an empty playlist was not working
* Scenerixx studio files could not be imported if they had (an existing) parent studio
* adding several persons via "add person" on a movie/scene node resulted in 
  duplicate assignments
* bookmark nodes were not rendering HTML
* bookmarks could not be opened directly after creation
* DVD movies could not be deleted
* scene node was not updated after dragging a person on it
* person details: jewelry list was not visible
* deleting entries from temporary playlists was not possible

* The "add to default playlist" button in the details window will add the parent
  movie for single scene movies instead of the scene itself to the playlist
* current status of the wizard is now on the right side
* upgraded internal dependencies
* display a little firework for birthday children
* attempt to fix an issue with medium files that were not deletable

* new import files (18 females, 12 males, 22 studios)

========== 3.4.0 - darla - beta ==========
-------------- 2022-07-23 ----------------
* option to hide already imported studio scenerixx-files
* pie chart in the person details tab

* movies associated to parent studios were not shown in the studio tree 
* search text field lost focus while typing
* "regrettably awesome"-filter was not showing scenes from movies with several 

* new import files (5 females, 3 males, 10 studios)

========== 3.3.0 - darla - beta ==========
-------------- 2022-07-16 ----------------
* To improve the startup time no list is loaded anymore. You need to (re)load 
  them manually. You can define now yourself in the settings which list should 
  get loaded during startup.

* define in the options which lists to load during startup
* aborting "Find duplicates" will let you decide to abort right away or 
  if the current runtime should be finished

* show dialog during some long running tasks (e.g. search, reload of statistic)
* improved performance of loading the movie list
* improved performance when removing a person from a scene
* search result context menu: open in 'Movies' window
* if "show playlist" was selected during the last shutdown do not ask to
  select a playlist during the next startup rather show the favorites
* using now a generic monospaced font for the indexing log that should work
  on all operating systems
* the counter value within nodes is now suffixed with the sum symbol (if
  supported by the font)
* new bookmark type: previously on, cut, change of angle
* new position: squatting
* new attributes for bookmark type pee solo: quantity, recap
* new attributes for CS bookmark types: start-/endtime for prelude, actual cs, aftermath
* new attributes for GS bookmark types: color
* introduced new tab "Startup" in the settings to declutter the "General" tab

* clipboard works now with JDK 17
* playlist context menu: open in 'Movies' window was not working for temporary
* resetting the person form was not resetting the icons of the secret/reminds me of
* locking a session was not clearing the person window if a secret person was
  displayed before
* when updating a person from the server had several versions the diff panel
  became unusable after scrolling if an older version was compared with the current
* some look&feels use a font that is not capable of displaying certain 
  characters (heart, star). Some fallback symbols are used for those now
* layout of "person details"-window was screwed up if a person had too many aliases

* upgraded internal dependencies

* new import files (18 females, 4 males, 21 studios)

========== 3.2.0 - darla - beta ==========
-------------- 2022-06-12 ----------------
* "finding duplicates" can now be resumed after a user abort
* swap medium files (See the documentation)

* added 'order by date of creation' option to movies window
* added 'order by date of creation' option to medium files window
* show differentiator of ratings within the nodes
* use icons for the "show more/less" and "order asc/desc" button in the person
* detached database entries (person bodys) can be found and removed via the 
  purge functionality in the Indexing window
* changed layout of the persons window a bit
* added/changed icons in "person", "playlist", "medium files" and "studio" window
* starting a playlist entry from the history playlist does NOT correct the 
  position list anymore because that could take an eternity
* playlist context menu: open in 'Movies' window
* more precise message if a screencap cannot get generated
* you can specify now the order in which duplicates can be found, either
  shortest runtime first (default) or longest runtime first (new)
* ordering of persons are now case-insensitive
* added movie type to search (x pies)
* while "finding duplicates" the tooltip of the progress bar has some additional
  information about the progress
* removed an unnecessary reload during startup

* adding several bookmarks to a scene would result in loss of previous changes
  on other bookmarks of the same scene
* adding a new person body in the person detail window would loose any changes
  made. You now have to save the person first to add a new person body
* under certain circumstances a new person body (or several) was created for persons
* in multi-scene movies the cursor was not always placed into the right 
  textfield when selecting the next scene after saving
* showing scenerixx files in the person window and selecting a person then 
  caused an exception
* showing scenerixx files in the person window offered options that were 
  not applicable
* after showing scenerixx files in the person window some options went missing
* saving a new person reloaded the previously loaded person for a short moment
* fixed position of playlist entries in temporary playlists

* show hash of medium file in "Medium File properties"
* colorization of performer names in "current scene" / "scene overview" are now
  more distinguished
* search in "Medium Files" window can now also search for hashes
* a monospaced font is now used in the Indexing window
* refactoring of the synchronizing code (wip)
* upgraded internal dependencies

* new import files (42 females, 1 ts, 8 males, 22 studios)

========== 3.1.2 - darla - beta ==========
-------------- 2022-04-15 ----------------
* fix the code that should initialize the scenerixxfiles directory - part 2

========== 3.1.1 - darla - beta ==========
-------------- 2022-04-14 ----------------
* attempt to fix the code that should initialize the scenerixxfiles directory

========== 3.1.0 - darla - beta ==========
-------------- 2022-04-12 ----------------
* temporary playlist (press F6 to put a playable item on it)

* performance (see [Other])
* added warning if "show runtime" for persons is selected which reduces
  the performance
* show warning if "apply date filter" is used but no selection was made 
  to filter by "what"
* added icons for "apply date filter"
* number of nodes of a tree is now shown in the corresponding tab title
* caching known persons so that the search for a new person is faster from
  the second search on
* show files size on details page for associated medium files
* the result of the filter in combination with movie types in the movies window 
  was not always clear 
* added some icons for checkboxes

* "Known aliases" in the person details could contain duplicates
* ordering movies by "date of creation" was not working
* ordering movies by "date XXX" was throwing an exception if no date was provided
* fixed highlighting code
* The details page was not showing the playlists a playable item is on
* movies that contained sub-bookmarks were not deletable
* the person importer imported the person body data into the database but
  was not associating them with the person

* If there are more than 500 results in the movie tree the tooltip will not 
  show the associated medium files nor the associated persons. Both information
  can be found on the details page. 
  Reason: the reload time of a the tree with several 10k movies drops with this
  change from ~02:20 to ~00:15
  I'm really sorry about this. 
* reworded some log messages

* new import files (18 females, 10 males, 8 studios)

========== 3.0.0 - darla - beta ==========
-------------- 2022-03-23 ----------------
* make a backup of your database before installing version 3.0

* the default directory structure changed as follows:
  - {home}/scenerixxplaylists -> {home}/scenerixx/playlists
  - {home}/scenerixxdata -> {home}/scenerixx/data
  - {home}/scenerixxscreencap -> {home}/scenerixx/screencaps
During the first startup of version 3.0 those directories will be moved.
If everything works fine you won't notice a difference (else: contact me).

* Scenerixx runs somehow under JDK 17 but still has problems using the clipboard
  or displaying the diff view when synchronizing with the server. 
  I recommend to run it with JDK 11

* you can specify now the parent studio for studios
* studios can be added to playlists
* Results are not updated on each keypress anymore if searching via a search 
  textfield rather after pressing the enter key. The old behaviour can be 
  switched on in the options
* new attributes for studios: description, types, parent company
* duplicate finder: check only last x days
* duplicate finder: check only till second x
* new context menu "create playlist" on movie type nodes
* autocompleter for search textfields (press after at least 2 characters 
  CTRL+Space) for previous used search terms
* filter movies in the movies tab by date of creation/modification
* wizard option if tags must be prefixed with a # or not to be found

* "Show pictures (F12)" is now somehow usable (but still wip)
* Wizard-window is now modal
* duplicate finder: show progress
* start-/endtime on the details panel can be changed via mousewheel
* new data for cumshot: gargle
* new movie types: mature, granny, old/young, cumwalk, fuckmachine, sybian, 
  public, horror, cumshot surprise, CEI, challenge, encouragement, fantasy 
* new bookmark types: cumwalk, fuckmachine, sybian
* update nodes when several selected nodes are modified
* don't create a playlist from the search results if no node is selected
* icons for: censored, decensored, mirrored, vertical
* details panel: show if a playable is on a playlist
* do not allow upload of unknown persons/studios
* use another icon for upload persons/studios
* use another icon for opening VLC
* use another icon for tube videos
* use another icon for scenerixx hub
* added icon for the flag 'condoms used'
* added icons for tabs in options panel
* added icons for the gender radio buttons
* new bookmark attributes: pain, speed, intensity, roughness
* added shortcut CTRL+S for saving studios
* save details before clicking 'i came' / 'add xxx to the default playlist'
* reworded and/or removed misleading messages
* new entry in playlist-node context menu: reload
* secret persons cannot be uploaded to the server anymore
* show lock icon for secret medium files
* show a few more numbers on the statistic panel (like diff values to previous
  statistic, how long the last update was, etc.)
* unified the adding of entities to the default playlist
* movie list reloads only automatically if there are less then 5000 movies else
  you need to reload manually
* added date of creation / last modification in the tooltip of movie nodes
* if the movie tab is filtered by playlists the selected playlists gets expanded
  when reloading the playlist tab and not the default playlist
* playlist nodes expand on double click
* context menu: add several nodes at once to a specific playlist
* playlists can now contain studios and persons
* playlist nodes are now expanded on a double click
* studio nodes are now expanded on a double click
* tooltips delay can be configured (default values: after 1500 ms, 
  with a reshow value of 500 ms)
* added context menu "Add person(s) to selected scene" on person nodes
* context menu "Delete selected playable node(s) from database" works with 
  several selected nodes now
* The option 'Always apply "date of shoot" to scenes when saving a movie' checks
  now if any scene has already a value and asks if this should be overwritten
* hiding covers/screencaps in locked mode are now two distinct options
* [ScenerixxHub] order categories alphabetically

* secret bookmarks were shown in the search result (in a locked session)
* position in list for movies was wrongly displayed after a scene was modified
* creating a playlist from search result could cause a lot of duplicate entries
* deleting a scene from a movie where other scenes have been modified before
  resulted in a data loss for the modified scenes
* searching for movies by type was not working if the movie type was not among
  the first three movie types rather on position four to six
* persons and studios that included a dash in their name could not be imported
* search field in Movies tab had only a minimal width when movies were ordered 
  by type
* the wizard did not create the screencap directory if it was not existing
  which caused Scenerixx to believe that the disk was full
* tooltip on "I came" button was not resetted
* searching for search fields in the search tab was not searching all tabs
* adding movie bookmarks to playlists were not working
* reload movie list was not working if list was ordered by movie types
* code for selecting a studio node was not working
* code for selecting a person node was not working
* during the person import the bodydata fields failed to get imported when
  the import file was created with a Scenerixx version < 2.0
* secret scenes were shown when a person was added to a playlist
* adding an entity to the default playlist via shortcut was not always working
* scene specific person details were not working for TS persons
* UI state was not always saved/restored correctly (drop me a line if this still
  does not work because the fix is ...erm... more from the esoteric kind)

[Removed functionality]
* Backup movie
* Backup person
* Backup All Persons From Database
* reminds me of (old)
* old, specific cumshot / goldenshower bookmarks
* upgrade code for versions < 3.0
* importer/exporter do not handle ratings/secrets anymore

* removed code duplicates
* re-ordered some elements
* smaller fixes (like updating node titles after an operation)
* some performance improvements
* upgraded dependencies
* some minor stuff I forgot
* and definitely introduced new bugs

* new import files (56 females, 1 ts, 8 males, 24 studios)

========== 2.10.0 - bobbi - beta ==========
-------------- 2021-12-23 ----------------
* new movie filter: show movies where studio is missing
* new movie filter: show movies where medium file is missing
* make backups on demand (Tools / Make Backup)
* merging studios via drag & drop
* merging persons via drag & drop
* customize threshold value for the duplicate finder
* customize difference in seconds for the duplicate finder
* playlist entries can be moved to another playlist via drag & drop

* "Add n scenes to movies" works now on several selected nodes
* "Add to default playlist" works now on several selected nodes
* "Add to playlist" works now on studio nodes
* persons on the details page are now ordered and displayed by gender and name
* persons on the details page are now colored
* new field for movies: subtitles
* considering singular/plural form in some messages
* some reloads are quite expensive but not always mandatory. Some of those
  have been disabled and replaced by a warning that a manual reload is needed.
  The performance should be for some operations now a lot faster
* position in list was shown twice for scenes (technically it was position
  in list and position in movie but usually they are the same)
* gathering of statistic data is ~50% faster
* performance improvement of some database calls
* adding sub-bookmarks were not updating the tree
* several playable items can now be moved to a playlist via drag & drop
* Scenerixx reacts now a bit faster after closing the wizard
* search fields for cumswap and cumlicking
* search won't get triggered anymore if just the cursor keys or space is pressed
* playlist entries can be opened via a double-click
* Wizard recognizes person names now in the forms "LisAnn", "Lisa_Ann" and "Lisa Ann"
* new position "standing"
* new flag "regrettably awesome"
* merged "goldenshower [xyz]" bookmark type to one bookmark type with additional
* fix background color for TreeCellRenderer
* added new fields for bookmarks

* position in list was wrongly displayed after a movie was modified
* TS persons were not shown in the scene overview
* a deleted movie could get re-created without the medium files under certain
* birthday icon was not resetted in person form
* statistic was not calculated correctly for secret items
* statistic could cause an exception if screencaps were on a detached removable
* node names were wrongly updated if the destination node was not in view
* creating a movie from a movie file, changing its data and reloading this 
  movie from the medium files again has delivered outdated data
* selecting a sub-bookmark could have caused an exception
* the endmedium drop down was not always populated correctly in the details tab
  when a movie had more than one scene
* fixed smaller bugs in search
* playing a playlist in reverse order could fail if entries have been deleted
  from this list before
* creating a playlist from a person could cause a lot of duplicate entries

* upgraded dependencies
* internal refactoring

* new import files (16 females, 2 ts, 8 males, 37 studios)

========== 2.9.2 - bobbi - beta ==========
-------------- 2021-11-13 ----------------
* the bug opening several movies on Windows systems is now fixed
* exporting playlists could have failed on Windows systems  

========== 2.9.1 - bobbi - beta ==========
-------------- 2021-11-11 ----------------
* the bug opening several movies on Windows systems was not completely fixed
  Hopefully now

========== 2.9.0 - bobbi - beta ==========
-------------- 2021-11-11 ----------------
* find duplicates via visual comparison of screencaps
* remove movie types (context menu entry when selecting one or several movie nodes)
* new show/hide movies filter: show playlist

* icons in the show/hide filter combobox in the movie tab
* "show/hide wizard generated movies": improved performance
* improved performance a bit when deleting a movie from disc

* on Windows systems opening several movies was not working due to colons
  in the filename of the temporary playlist 
* movie where the filename contained a %-character could not be opened

* new import files (4 females, 1 male, 14 studios)

========== 2.8.0 - bobbi - beta ==========
-------------- 2021-10-28 ----------------
* remove all persons (context menu entry when selecting several movie nodes)

* re-arranged search panel a bit
* merged "cumshot [xyz]" bookmark type to one bookmark type with additional
* "open random scene" opens now scenes from the current view
* improved loading time for "Show only favorites"
* improved performance for "Search medium files containing this name in its filename"
* smaller changes for slightly better performance

* "show only favorites on startup" was loading too much unnecessary data
* attempting to delete an associated medium file produced a misleading message
* VLC complained about "The filename or extension is too long" if too many
  movies were opened (e.g. opening a big playlist). Now a playlist file is 
  created in the temp directory of the system so that not all movies are passed 
  to the command line.

* upgraded dependencies
* starts now with OpenJDK 17

* new import files (9 females, 3 males, 10 studios)

========== 2.7.0 - bobbi - beta ==========
-------------- 2021-10-12 ----------------
* select which entities should get synchronized
* automatic backup of the database on shutdown (needs to be activated in the options)
* new filter in person window to find persons without profile picture. 
  (See the documentation)
* studio logos can be now used the same way as profile pictures
* state of many UI components is now saved during shutdown
* picture preview
* disable expensive icons (to speed up reload of the movie list)

* options panel for the wizard
* option to assign all found persons in a filename to a scene
* improved the readability of the diff dialogs during synchronization
* added button in details window to add playable to default playlist
* icons in movie list windows shows if a playable is on the default playlist
  or any other playlist
* added movie types: huge asses, gauntlet
* tooltip on movie node: show filepath of first associated medium + size
* added combo box in person details tab to select existing persons faster

* layout of person details window could screw up if official URL was too long
* secret persons that are associated to a scene were shown in the details window
* secret persons that are associated to a scene were shown in the tooltip
* prevent some possible NullPointerExceptions when dealing with playlists
* the root node in the movies window sometimes displayed the wrong amount of movies

* upgraded dependencies
* slowness detector, which itself slowed down, should kick in much later and 
  more rarely 
* "Show only favorites on startup" is now an opt-in option

* new import files (11 females, 1 ts, 7 males, 12 studios)

========== 2.6.1 - bobbi - beta ==========
-------------- 2021-09-10 ----------------
* added a button in the person diff panel during synchronization to ignore
  further differences

========== 2.6.0 - bobbi - beta ==========
-------------- 2021-09-10 ----------------
* improved startup performance a tiny bit
* new option to load only favorite movies after startup (which can cause a 
  drastic improvement of the startup time. See the documentation)
* "Generate Screencaps" -> improved performance
* statistics: show studio count
* added shortcut CTRL+S on save button for notes
* turned some message boxes into notifications
* [ScenerixxHub] ignore movies where the file cannot be found

* searching for persons on server failed
* using the search field in the movies window did not consider the ordering
* the detail window did not show all conditional fields on certain bookmark types
* selecting a medium file could have shown outdated data in the details window
  if some changes have been made before to the movie
* [ScenerixxHub] show controls in fullscreen mode
* [ScenerixxHub] fixed stackoverflow

* new import files (5 females, 3 males, 8 studios)

========== 2.5.1 - bobbi - beta ==========
-------------- 2021-08-23 ----------------
* center dialogs
* statistic tab: show 1% value
* "open random scene" in the movies tab opens now a randomized list of 100 scenes

* Studio tab: upload button was always enabled after saving, even though
  user was not registered

* log registration key during startup if instance is registered
* added more logging for debugging purposes

* new import files (3 females, 1 males, 14 studios)

========== 2.5.0 - bobbi - beta ==========
-------------- 2021-08-22 ----------------
* option to change the font size
* synchronization of person and studios

* using the free search is now much faster if used with at least one other criteria
* changed the way "reminds me of" persons are handled
* search field to highlight search criteria in the search window
* minor changes to layout so that some scrollbars are not needed
* added a play button to the details window
* show average age on person details page
* show average rating on person details page
* show if a person has birthday today
* play sound after Wizard finished (needs to be activated in the options)
* re-ordered the person details tab a bit
* new movie property
* increased performance when deleting a movie from disc
* failures of deleting a medium file should be reduced
* single scenes can be opened even though no medium file is associated
* display runtime differently if endtime is missing

* values of body parts were not saved when creating a new person
* check if a person already exists failed when creating a new user
* Fixed bug in the person importer 
* Fixed registration
* secret persons were shown in scene associations
* deleting a movie was not always successful
* ScenerixxHub crashed when a movie had no medium files
* position-prefix in the movies tab was for most filters wrong
* ordering movies by "type" did not let the user use any other ordering anymore
* selecting more then one person in the search resulted in too many scenes 
  as a result 
* deleting person: favorite timespan was not deleted
* date of last statistic was wrong

* Added a "reset registration" functionality
* Changed icon for "New" buttons

* new import files (25 females, 11 males, 7 studios)

========== 2.4.0 - bobbi - beta ==========
-------------- 2021-06-18 ----------------
* registration
* synchronize studio data with a server to share data with others
* on the person detail page the number of associated movie types are shown

* HUGE performance improvements (e.g. when saving the details panel)
* using the searchbox should now perform better
* new movie types: femdom, findom
* new bookmark type: icame
* option to always apply "movie types" to scenes when saving a movie
* option to always apply "date of shoot" to scenes when saving a movie
* check if a person already exists before saving a new one
* check if a studio already exists before saving a new one
* "Undefined" movie types are always sorted last in the row

* fixed possible NullPointer exception when loading movie bookmarks
* fixed possible HeapSpace exception in the search of the medium files tab
* fixed bug in the search where no result was displayed when selecting
  a studio and a person as search criteria

* Removed "Reload  of movie list" functionality since it's not needed anymore
* updated internal dependencies

* new import files (6 females, 4 males, 14 studios)

========== 2.3.0 - bobbi - beta ==========
-------------- 2021-05-31 ----------------
* playlists can now be started in reverse order
* scenes, bookmarks and medium files can be started looped with a double-click
* control the reload of the movie list. See the documentation
  to see if this is helpful for you or not
* Wizard allows multiple directory selections at once
* define up to 3 persons as active / passive (each) for bookmarks
* define up to 3 receivers on cumshot bookmarks

* show a message if a file could not be hashed
* dedicated icons for PMV and compilations
* new flag: cut before shot
* new bookmark type
* result of "Show duplicates by name" is now ordered alphabetically
* new hair color: Red (artificial)
* new details: freckles, skin tone

* cumshot bookmarks were not saved correctly
* the amount of movies displayed in the root node of the movies tab was quite 
  often wrong
* some "female-only" drop-downs were shown when a male person was loaded
* differentiators on scene details were not saved correctly

* new import files (9 females, 2 males, 23 studios)
* updated some person data

========== 2.2.1 - bobbi - beta ==========
-------------- 2021-05-11 ----------------
* Person sub nodes were not showing movie title
* Person sub nodes were not showing correct position

* new import files (2 females, 1 studios)

========== 2.2.0 - bobbi - beta ==========
-------------- 2021-05-11 ----------------
* Persons can now be added to a playlist

* you can now add a single scene to several selected movies via the context menu
* new filter "Show only favorites" in movies tab
* re-ordered context menu for movie nodes
* persons can be deleted despite any scene associations
* Cumpilations have a distinguished icon
* Lists can now be also ordered descending
* added file chooser dialogs to the bulk renaming panel
* new movie type: fetish
* improved tags and studio recognition in ScenerixxWizard
* after creating a new movie/scene select the newly created node

* starting a search term with a space caused an OutOfMemoryError
* show [runtime], [rating] and [i came counter] in person list was only working 
  under some circumstances
* flagging a new person as favorite caused invalid data

* new import files (5 females, 5 males, 27 studios)

========== 2.1.0 - bobbi - beta ==========
-------------- 2021-04-26 -----------------
* create GIFs from bookmarks
* button to open random scene in the movies tab

* studios can be deleted despite any movie associations
* improved performance when searching in the "Persons" tab
* improved studio association in Scenerixx Wizard
* "Medium Files" uses likely one horizontal scrollbar less
* use icons for some checkboxes
* "Set Studio" dialog allows now the reset of studios on several movies
* visualize if a node has no children

* Wizard would not assign any studios if they were not new
* adding a medium file to a playlist showed an empty message
* context menu "add persons" for several selected nodes was sometimes enabled 
  when it shouldn't
* adding a medium file without associated movie to a playlist caused an exception
* persons could not always get deleted
* a newly created person could not be marked as a favourite

* changed the code to reload trees (wip)
* added some checks for events that shouldn't be possible

* new import files (2 females, 6 males, 15 studios)

========== 2.0.0 - bobbi - beta ==========
-------------- 2021-03-26 -----------------
* Make a BACKUP if you are upgrading Scenerixx from a previous version!
* From now on Java 11 is needed to run Scenerixx. Java 8 is not supported anymore.
* During the database migration saved searches will be deleted!

* search for persons
* confirm wizard generated data on several nodes via context menu
* save hashes of deleted files so they are not re-imported by the wizard
* highlighting of search terms in the movies and medium files window
* re-order scenes via drag & drop
* new flags for persons in the scene details: non sex, cuck
* Wizard can try to read tags from the file name and set it to the movie entity
* track the times a person has been marked as a favourite

* started to reduce visual noise by reordering/cleaning up the UI
* support for webp format 
* show available shortcuts in context menus
* new shortcut (CTRL + +) in the movie list window for adding a scene / 
  bookmark / subbookmark to its parent
* new hair type: dreadlocks
* show history of "i came" as tooltip on the button
* show "I came" button also for single scenes when the movie node is selected
* added some country flags
* show country flag in the nationality combo box
* wizard recognizes VR scenes and sets accordingly the flag
* ratings and "i came" numbers are visually more recognizable
* ordering persons by "i came" is now way more faster 
* show progress when creating several scenes or movies from files
* show a message if the deletion of a screencap succeeded or not
* mark secret scenes in search results as such
* bookmarks associated to a movie did not show to which movie they were 
  associated in the search results
* When adding a single file to the index show the last used directory in the
* option to "show position" in studios tab
* show file size after context menu "Remove medium file from movie"
* Details tab was not loaded when a bookmark was selected from coming from 
  the search tab
* loading of sub-bookmarks 
* show position in list for search results, movies and studios
* changing the rating on single scene movies changes the rating on both entities,
  movie and scene
* single scene details: warn if the associated entity (movie or scene) has already
  a description
* new Look&Feels
* search for secret items
* the icon for secret items has now priority over most of the others
* another "rarely used functionality": flag if a counter is displayed in a movie
* added new bookmark types: handstand, split, split front, split side
* don't add duplicates to a playlist when adding a playable item via shortcut
* show position in playlist playable item when trying to add it a second time
* added shortcut for deleting studios
* added shortcut for deleting persons
* after deleting a medium file select the next node
* deleting medium files via the context menu is now also possible if several
  nodes are selected
* fake tits can be rated how obvious the fake is
* options to order search results by last modification or date of creation
* integrated the "Birthday" tab into the "Persons" tab
* merged the "details" tabs into one tab
* visualize if a node has no children
* added "Native American" as ethnicity
* added flags "decensored", "vertical", "mirrored" for movies
* added new movie types "huge tts", "foot fetish", "strapon"

* Confirmation of wizard data was not always working
* ordering persons by "I came" contained duplicates causing errors
* Wizard was not able to index two root directories in a row
* Adding persons to a single scene could result in duplicated associations
* moving a playlist entry via Drag&Drop could result in duplicated entries
* Person tab was not reloaded after adding a person via context menu to a scene
* using two spaces in a search string could cause an out of memory exception
* selecting a movie bookmark in the search result did not select the bookmark
  in the movie tab
* all settings in options needed a restart even those that shouldn't
* checkbox "tube movie" was sometimes shown when it shouldn't
* wizard considered all persons rather only females for lesbian scenes which
  could result in false positives
* Updating a current search created a new entry
* not all search criteria have been saved

* Start Scenerixx Wizard on the very first start
* upgraded dependencies
* Import functionality is now enabled by default
* deleted unused database columns
* corrected some spelling mistakes
* and some other stuff which were too minor to be mentioned or I just forgot
* remove Napkin LaF because it's not maintained anymore (and causes errors now)
* download latest versions of VLC, ffmpeg and mediaInfo if they're missing
* re-assigned shortcuts

* new import files (1 female, 3 males, 5 studios)
* updated hundreds of person data

========== 1.15.0 - jessa - beta ==========
-------------- 2020-12-23-----------------
* Scenerixx Wizard
* order persons by appearance
* Bulk renaming of file paths
* purge screencaps

* a prefix which is specified during creating single scenes won't be applied
  if the movie title matches already the prefix
* select the right playlist node after copying / merging two lists
* after creating an intro bookmark show the details window
* new movie type: fat
* new body type: fat
* new appearance type: real bimbo
* show a tooltip on playlist nodes when a list/entry was created/added
* added tooltips to the statistic chart
* use notifications instead of modal dialogs in some places
* disable some buttons if their functionality is currently not available
* using the title as a second sorting criteria when ordering movies
* added icons to some combo boxes (language, sound/video quality)
* load appearances from persons on scene details if they have not been explicitly
* after a reload load the details window to the corresponding selected node
* allow to add multiple unknown persons to a scene
* [ScenerixxHub] search is now case-insensitive

* after ordering movies by type you were not able to order by anything else
  anymore. This most likely also fixed another memory leak.
* fixed exception on "set time and save" on scene when duration was unknown
* in the medium files window some ordering radio buttons were shown when they shouldn't
* [ScenerixxHub] Font was not loaded correctly
* [ScenerixxHub] fixed some NullPointerExceptions that occured when the back button
  was used
* [ScenerixxHub] fixed some other exceptions

* Upgraded internal dependencies
* changed the database access layer (to gain some performance, reduce some bugs
  and probably introduced some new bugs)

* new import files (61 females, 2 TS, 14 males, 34 studios)
* updated some person data (~650 to go)

========== 1.14.0 - jessa - beta ==========
-------------- 2020-12-06-----------------
* revoked due to too many errors

========== 1.13.0 - jessa - beta ==========
-------------- 2020-10-10-----------------
* Mark persons as favorite
* Add a person to one or more selected movie or scene nodes via the context menu
* Added context menu to text fields to copy/cut/paste text without the need of using the keyboard
* You can ignore search terms when searching in the "Movies" or "Medium Files" window
  by prefixing a search term with two dashes, e.g "tori black --lesbian". To search
  for an exact phrase use quotes, e.g.: tori "black dress"

* Chart legend in the statistic window does not overlap the chart anymore
* Show the amount of TS persons in the statistic window
* Don't expand the unknown studio node after reloading the studio list
* Selecting a scene of a performer from the birthday window selects the scene also in the movie window
* Select (most of) the right nodes after updating a list 
* Ask before adding duplicate entries to a playlist
* Don't move the whole panel if you modify start-/endtimes with the cursor keys
* Distinguish between "Unknown nationality" and "Nationality not set" when ordering 
  persons by nationality
* Added node for "bodytype not set"

* Fixed a *huge* memory leak
* Deleting a movie with a movie bookmark resulted in an exception

* Show memory consumption in the status line
* Upgraded internal dependencies
* Tried to optimize the initialization code. Not sure if I succeeded.

* new import files (54 females, 1 TS, 12 males, 12 studios)

========== 1.12.0 - jessa - beta ==========
-------------- 2020-09-07-----------------
* generate screencaps for each scene (needs to be enabled in the options)
* differentiators (if a value like "body type" lies between two values, see FAQ)
* immersion (you can rate now each scene how good the immersion for you is)
* single scenes will have a new button in the details window to set the start/end
  time with a single click
* you can remove search results from the result list with the shortcut CTRL+DEL

* Added "braces" and "tattoos" as a new search criteria
* TS persons can be selected in the search
* Free form search is now case insensitive
* Sub-bookmarks can now be found via the search
* hint if a search option is already set or not when opening the search window
* new movie types: edging, cosplay, hentai, cartoon, 3D, partly pov, milking table,
  tickling, joi, chubby, partly pov, parody
* new appearance types: cheeky, vamp, arrogant, sympathic, authentic
* prevent adding the same person twice to a scene
* generate screencaps faster
* remove all persons from a scene performs now faster
* show in the statistic how often Scenrixx was already started
* show internal ID of movies/scenes/bookmarks in the details window
* added Scottish, Welsh and English as nationality
* you can now add one or more persons via drag & drop on a movie node if the
  the movie has only one scene instead of draging them directly to the scene node
* to prevent a window popping up on Windows systems the presence of VLC won't be 
  checked during startup if a path to VLC is provided in the settings
* added some new country flags
* if persons are ordered by body type, persons with unknown body type are 
  shown in a separate node

* the search result for scenes sometimes included bookmarks
* free search for bookmarks was not working as expected
* some search options have been not saved / loaded correctly
* The "I came" counter on bookmarks was not loaded correctly sometimes
* fixed a bug which could prevent opening the notes window
* Fixed some minor bugs in the search (e.g. Saving a search: some fields were 
  not loaded/saved)

* refactoring the search window
* hint on startup if you are using a lower version than Java 11
* hint on startup if you are using a deprecated body type or appearance type
* a *lot* of refactoring. So if something is broken, let me know
* updated a lot of person data

* new import files (13 females, 3 males, 4 studios)

========== 1.11.1 - jessa - beta ==========
-------------- 2020-06-11-----------------
* "Reset 'I came' counter" functionality on persons

* Show 'position' in persons list was not working

* new import files (4 females, 1 male)

========== 1.11.0 - jessa - beta ==========
-------------- 2020-06-10-----------------
* Order persons by nationality
* Order medium files by file extension
* Order medium files by file size
* Unsaved notes on a shut down are restored on next application start
* New setting to specify with which browser links should be opened
* If MediaInfo, FFMpeg or VLC is not found at startup Scenerixx can
  download those tools on request (Windows only)

* Detect unsaved changes in notes
* Movie list window behaves more responsive
* Show remaining days till birthday in the birthday window

* Scrollbar on studio list was not showing up when needed

* new import files (41 females, 8 males, 3 studios)

========== 1.10.0 - jessa - beta ==========
-------------- 2020-05-23-----------------
* Update movie runtime cache on request
* Show medium files with unknown filetypes
* New window for taking notes

* Improved performance when adding several scenes at once to a movie
* When "Hide movies where scenes are associated" is selected and a scene is
  added, the next node is now selected not the root node
* Use UTF-8 encoding for the exporter
* recognize files with vid, rmvbb, rm and mpe extension as movies
* added extra node in the studio list for movies without a set studio
* TS option in birthday window

* intercut icon was not always shown for intercutted scenes
* Alias names were shown on scenes of a performer where no alias was set
* movie runtime cache was not updated when a medium file was added/removed
* persons with no associated scenes could sometimes not be deleted
* the "I came" button on persons did not work on the very first click
* fixed possible NullPointerExceptions

* removed debugging output

* new import files (17 females, 5 males, 2 studios)

========== 1.9.0 - jessa - beta ==========
-------------- 2020-05-10-----------------
* introduced TS as gender

* recognize files with mov extension as movies

* directories were not initialized correctly on Windows systems
* one file could not be extracted on Windows systems due to the case insensitivity
  of the file systems

* new import files (14 females, 4 males, 1 TS)

========== 1.8.0 - jessa - beta ==========
-------------- 2020-05-03-----------------
* track how many gigabytes you deleted (e.g. duplicates)
* Rename file extensions in context menu on medium files
* [ScenerixxHub] password protection

* tree nodes displaying "i came" or "rating" are displayed visually more distinguished
* order persons by "i came"
* after generating screencaps a summary of failed movies is shown
* intercut scenes have their own icon now
* Statistic graph gets updated after changing the record numbers by pressing enter
  and not only when the text input field loses its focus
* Ethnicity can be included as search criteria
* Added to context menu to scenerixx-files to import several files at once
* Added nationality as attribute for persons
* Added new attribute for male persons
* [ScenerixxHub] use dark theme as default

* "I came" on person was not correctly saved
* Duration of scenes split over several files are calculated correctly
* Some drop downs in the search have been empty
* [ScenerixxHub] encode filenames so special characters do not cause exceptions

* new import files (31 females, 12 males, 3 studios)

* Import does not start automatically after hashing

========== 1.7.0 - jessa - beta ==========
-------------- 2020-03-26-----------------
* Scenerixx Hub
* Prefix several movie titles at once

* Add playable items to default playlist via CTRL+Ins shortcut
* Added shortcuts to switch faster between the windows (via Alt + [number])
* Select several movies to delete them at once from database / disc
* Show information about the progress while generating screencaps
* New appearance values: hot, exotic, fun, natural
* secret items are displayed with a lock-icon in the tree
* Reordered "Statistic"-window, added a number
* removed the limit to display a maximum of 25000 items
* smaller improvements like selecting the right node after an action
  or focusing the right components, reordering the menu, displaying duration over
  a year in a more convenient way

* Deleted items were not immediately removed from playlists
* Changes of option values were not available immediately and needed a restart
* Fixed NullPointerException in "Statistic"-window
* Fixed exceptions in code which was related to selecting the next node but only one movie was in the list
* VLC was started even if not media file was associated to a movie 

* new import files (44 females, 29 males, 16 studios)

* Upgraded several dependencies
* Added timestamps to log output

========== 1.6.0 - jessa - beta ==========
-------------- 2020-02-02-----------------
* The search can consider now #tags in file names when searching for scenes
* Sort options for studios
* Search results can be ordered
* Search results can be narrowed down further by a simple text search
* The search window can have now several instances
* The medium file window can have now several instances

* new appearance types 'Shy' and 'Alternative'
* new movie types 'Orgy', 'PMV' and 'Somnophilia'
* show further information about selected files in medium file window
* hide "order by" fields if duplicates are shown in the medium file window
* show "reminds me of" on scene nodes, where available
* added change in absolute numbers to statistic
* Movie titles can now be up to 2048 characters long
* several smaller improvements like tooltips, additional feedback messages, 
  resizing of components, change of wording, nodes not losing focus after 
  reloading, improved error messages, improved failure checking, icons, 
  improved workflow, etc.
  It helps eating your own dog food.

* The sixth type for scenes was not considered during the search
* Not all movie types where imported correctly
* Removed dysfunctional button from studio details window

* new import files (51 females, 19 males, 11 studios)

========== 1.5.0 - jessa - beta ==========
-------------- 2019-11-16-----------------
* Visualization of the statistic data
* You can now specify the appearance for each person and use it as a search criteria.

* Replaced body type 'Babe' with 'Chubby' and 'Curvy'
* Replaced body type 'Doll' with appearance type 'Bimbo'
* added tooltips to movie nodes

* new import files (6 females, 4 males)

========== 1.4.0 - jessa - beta ==========
-------------- 2019-09-18-----------------
* Export functionality to export playlists to xspf-files which can be used with VLC

* Colorized hash values when showing duplicates by hash in the medium files window
* Start playlists from any arbitrary playlist item
* new statistic numbers
* new movie type
* Scene start/end time can be changed via cursor up/down
* Scene start/end time fields can be changed via cursor left/right
* selecting the next scene after saving details focuses either the start hour or minute field
  depending on the end time of the previous scene

* Playlist runtime was wrong if it exceeded 24 hours
* The search displayed scenes belonging to secret movies even though the session was not unlocked

* Disabled menu item "Start Registration" since the server code is not finished yet

* new import files (37 females, 7 males)

========== 1.3.0 - jessa - beta ==========
-------------- 2019-08-29-----------------
* Added an entry to the FAQ how to fix display problems of Japanese characters
* Added button to add selected medium files to default playlist
* Added button to add selected persons to default playlist
* Added search options (e.g. personal ratings)

* Calculation of persons age was off by one month
* When a scene was selected in the search or person window no other scene
  could be selected in the movie window
* Fixed NullPointerException: if a playlist entry was selected which was 
  associated to a mediumfile an exception occured

* new import files (20 females, 8 males)

========== 1.2.0 - jessa - beta ==========
-------------- 2019-07-18-----------------
* Clear notifications on request
* select a random node (movie/person/mediumfile), in case you cannot decide
* [web] find movies by partner compatibility 
* [web] find movies by playlists

* added more ratings to a persons which can be used as search criteria
* Notifications disappear after five minutes
* Studio can be set for several movies at once via the context menu
* use smart start when streaming via scenerixx server
* if a movie gets deleted not the root node gets selected but the following movie-node
* if a mediumfile gets deleted not the root node gets selected but the following mediumfile-node
* new bookmark type

* The "Show duplicates by hash" functionality considered medium files without hashvalue as duplicates 
* Selecting a scene from the movie details window resulted in an exception

* Small fixes (like re-arranging menus, modifying some messages, performance)

* new import files (15 females, 13 males, 1 Studio)

========== 1.1.0 - jessa - beta ==========
-------------- 2019-06-03-----------------
* manage videos on tubesites
* find duplicate medium files
* option to always start the server during startup of Scenerixx
* check for updates

* added a free search field
* after saving an intro bookmark, select the first scene of a movie
* option in the "Medium Files" window to display the directory
* option to specify which playlist a mediumfile should be added to
* server port is now configurable in the options
* deleting a movie & files from disc took an eternity (still does but not as 
  long as before)
* new movie type values
* new language value
* new partner compatibility values
* delete also screencaps when deleting a movie from disc
* new numbers in the statistic window
* increased performance when searching for several persons in the person overview
* show the filesize in the mediumfile-window
* optimized some db-queries
* show status while deleting several movies
* changed the design of the web application (Scenerixx Server)

* due to a misconfiguration Scenerixx did not start when Java 11 was used
* Canceling the "how many scenes should be created?"-dialog resulted in an exception
* Saving movie details without any associated scenes resulted in an exception
* The correct determination of the mediumfile of a scene failed most of the times
* Scene and bookmark positions were not re-ordered when deleting one of them which 
  led to some exceptions

* new import files (30 females, 20 males)

========== 1.0.0 - jessa - beta ==========
-------------- 2019-03-26 ----------------
[New Features]
* Added a streaming server to stream your collection to other devices in your network
* Added new options to customize the appearance so that lesser used functions
  can be disabled
* Search templates
* Added a search in the movie window
* Merge playlists via drag and drop
* Allow screencap generation to pause to prevent cpu overheating
* Added statistic window
* Create playlist from searches

* Works now with Java 8 and newer versions
* Upgraded the NetBeans platform from 8.2 to 10.0
* Improved performance
* Added (a lot) more search options
* Re-arranged the search window (categories can now be found in tabs for a better overview)
* Made the design more consistent
* Re-arranged the movie window
* New movie types
* New bookmark types
* New location types
* Movies / scenes can have up to six type fields now (before only three)
* Use different standard look and feel
* Save types on movies and scenes respectively when only one scene is associated to a movie
* Order movies by rating
* Use different color for men / women
* Mark persons who are having birthday
* New flags for movies: VR, 3D, interactive
* New flags for scenes: censored, censored face
* Rename playlists with F7 shortcut
* Save movie details / person details via CTRL+S shortcut
* Add selected persons to selected scene via ALT+A shortcut
* Add several shortcuts to some list, like deleting with DEL or opening with CTRL + ENTER
* New option for smart start to skip interviews and/or story
* Reduced the log output when generating screencaps
* Allow to open multiple movies from the person list tree
* Allow to open / delete multiple movies from the playlist
* Allow to comma separate search terms when searching for persons
* Allow only one instance to be run
* Ask if hashing should be started when indexing was finished
* Use icons on every tab
* Added new default values under persons (unknown groups)
* and probably a lot more...

* Sometimes the deletion of an entity failed
* Sometimes the deletion of playlists failed
* Fixed bug in purging when abandoned scenes referenced mediumfiles 
* Fixed bug in importer when scenerixx-file is faulty

* new import files (42 females, 18 males)

========== 0.0.10 - aurora - beta ==========
-------------- 2018-10-26 ------------------
[New Feature]
* Playable items can be added to any playlist now, not just the default one

* Improved performance drastically
* Added new look and feels to change the appearance
* In the movie window: show / hide movies where scenes are associated
* create several movies at once from selected nodes in the "Medium Files"-window
* create several single scenes at once from selected nodes in the "Medium Files"-window
* "reminds me of"-names can now be comma separated
* Added a search option to find scenes / bookmarks based on age ranges
* Added a search option to find scenes / bookmarks based on runtime length
* Improved search for bookmarks

* show correct numbers of scenes in nodes when "reminds me of" is selected
* sometimes renaming a file on disc could lead to corrupt data in the database if the device was offline
* movie bookmarks were not shown if no scene was associated to the movie
* resetting a non existing counter could lead to a runtime failure

* new import files (29 females, 10 males, 6 movies)

========== 0.0.9 - aurora - beta ==========
-------------- 2018-06-24 -----------------
[New Feature]
* Smart Start - starts a movie with the intro-bookmark or, if it's not available, with the first scene.
  No need to skip legal disclaimers and logos manually anymore.
* "Tip of the day" to help beginners to get an overview

* external programs can now be configured via options (no need to use the path-variable anymore)
* improved speed while searching medium files
* repainting of the movie list after saving any details has been improved drastically
* options to order playlists by name or date of creation
* only ask to change also the dates of scenes if there are any scenes
* the "private description" textarea was sometimes askew
* improved some error messages
* added several checks 

* renaming files on an unavailable device resulted in unwanted results
* deleting scenes was not always working
* sometimes an outdated screencap was shown

* new import files (33 females, 15 males, 22 movies)

========== 0.0.8 - aurora - beta ==========
-------------- 2018-05-30 ------------------
[New Feature]
* Look and Feel can be now changed in the options dialog

* new import files (22 females, 7 males, 13 movies)

========== 0.0.7 - aurora - beta ==========
-------------- 2018-04-26 ------------------
[New Feature]
* it's now possible to use MySql as database. See help how to use it.
* added "Remove all persons"-functionality for scene nodes

* enabled EcliseLink cache
* increased heap size

* Catch possible exception while determining which medium file a scene belongs to in the details window
* the size of the screencap kept increasing when circling through the pictures

* new import files (25 females, 11 males, 17 movies)

========== 0.0.6 - aurora - beta ==========
-------------- 2018-04-14 ------------------
* ask what to do when a file already exists when making a backup/export of a studio, movie or person
* Show only the last x movies. This becomes useful if you have already several hundred movies in the database and the UI slows down when creating new movies
* Add shortcut CTRL+S to save the details in the details-window
* Improved performance reloading the movie list (still slow as hell)

* variable for the screencap directory was too late initialized
* movie bookmarks could not be deleted if they had a playlist entry

* new import files (19 females, 15 males, 14 studios, 16 movies)

========== 0.0.5 - aurora - beta ==========
-------------- 2018-03-22 ------------------

* Make screencap generation configurable
* check if a movie has a runtime before trying to generate a screencap
* added several checks here and there

* Tree was not always in sync with database
* Generating screencaps did not work if something else then a movie node was selected
* Fixed exception during reload of views after finishing updating media information

* new import files (19 females, 3 males, 1 studio)

========== 0.0.4 - aurora - beta ==========
-------------- 2018-03-04 ------------------

[New Features]
* Search for specific bookmarks
* Generate screencaps (via FFmpeg)

* Added more search options
* Added the possibility to open a playable item from the context menu looped
* MediumFileList: create movie from selected nodes
* Remove outdated data after deleting a movie
* open all selected files in "medium files" window if all selected files are movies (and not pictures)
* check during import if a given file was created with a compatible version

* MediumFileList: prevent possible NullPointerExceptions
* Fixed NullPointExcpetion when determining start medium file in sub-bookmarks
* Updating a movie after removing a person from a scene resulted in reintroduced the person to the scene

* new import files (34 females, 11 males, 0 studios, 2 movies)

========== 0.0.3 - aurora - alpha ==========
-------------- 2017-11-20 ------------------

[New features]
* Birthday calendar

* Optimized the redrawing of the movie tree
* Entries named [New Movie] appear now first in the movie list
* Changed background color of selected nodes so that they are readable now
* When changing the date of shoot of a movie, ask if the date for every single scene should be also changed
* In the movies-window: options to show explicitly only movies where "all scenes are associated to a person" / 
  "all scene lengths are set" / "where a Scenerixx-file exists"

* new import files (10 females, 13 males, 2 studios, 7 movies)

========== 0.0.2 - aurora - alpha ==========
-------------- 2017-11-03 ------------------

NOTE: If you are upgrading from version 0.0.1 you need to delete your database
in the {home}/scenerixxdata directory else database indexes will not be added.
Export your data, delete the database, start version 0.0.2 and re-import your data.
In future versions (which are not alpha versions) such changes will be done

* Remove special characters in filenames of exportfiles so they can be saved on a Windows filesystem
* Prevent possible NullPointerException in Person Overview when drag&drop several persons
* Fixed NullPointerException in sub-bookmarks when the minute field lost the focus to calculate which file could be meant

[New features]
* Order persons by ethnicity
* Rate scenes regarding the compatibility with your partner if you are watching together

* Added database indexes to some fields
* Reduced number of database calls when pasting an item (a person or a picture) to a scene, reducing the time of unresponsiveness
* Added tooltips with further information to some values in drop down boxes

* Fixed filenames which were illegal on a Windows filesystem
* new import files (18 persons, 3 movies)

* Added menu-item "Scenerixx Changelog"
* Upgraded some dependencies

========== 0.0.1 - aurora - alpha ==========
-------------- 2017-10-12 ------------------

* First public release