A new way to see your porn collection



Scenerixx is a free to use Java application that helps you sorting your porn collection.

No more cumbersome folder-structures that never will be 100% perfect. Just know what you have and where you have it.

You know exactly what you are looking for? No matter if persons, type of movies or specific type of acts, Scenerixx tells you where you have it.

Not sure what you are looking for? Let Scenerixx inspire you by showing you categories on movies and persons. Or use its search.

IMPORTANT: A backup before upgrading is never wrong!


4.6.1 - natasha - beta


========== 4.6.1 - natasha - beta ==========
-------------- 2024-02-18 ------------------
* Version 4.6.0 used a monospaced font for the trees. This looks on
  some systems like horseshit. Now you can choose yourself if a 
  monospaced font should be used or not.

* The settings "Skip interviews" and "Skip intro" were not loaded

* new setting: use monospaced font

========== 4.6.0 - natasha - beta ==========
-------------- 2023-02-18 ------------------
* when you add persons from the clipboard and one or more persons a missing
  you can either let Scenerixx search within the aliases or you can create
  the persons fast right away. Those persons have a flag 'wizard generated'
  so that you can complete the data later
* new person filter: wizard generated
* movie types can now be set via simply copying a string into a textarea

* Scenerixx VLC Bridge shows better feedback
  Note: you need to copy the lua script manually to update (see here)
* movie types on movies and scenes are not restricted to six anymore
* when you negate a search term (prefix two dashes: --term) the search will now
  also consider names of performers and the movie tags
* splitted person details panel into three tabs
* splitted scene person details panel into four tabs
* select random playlist: if a playlist is selected another playlist will get 
  randomly selected.
  If a playlist entry is selected, another entry from the same playlist will get 
  randomly selected.
* check if file is available before opening VLC
* show message dialog if you are running out of space while generating screencaps
  (without screencaps the duplicate finder does not work)
* improved/introduced some status/error messages
* Statistic: select which data should be calculated
* Details / Person  / Statistic: some new data
* movie comparison highlights differences
* searching for a person in the combobox in the person details window via
  keyboard should be now a bit faster since data is loaded deferred and not
  with every key stroke
* search text field in the studio window
* when the filter "hide movies where all scene lengths are set" was used
  it was not possible to use a negated search term
* the search is significantly faster for searches where a value for immersion,
  counter, mirrored, censored, decensored, vertical or any person rating is provided
* new search fields: slow motion, regrettably awesome, eye contact with partner,
  eye contact with camera, intercut, incomplete, bonus scene, summary, pov (bookmarks),
  pubic hair length
* new movie types: DAP, DPP, TAP, TPP, Electro
* new bookmark type: cum eating, electro
* new appearance field: pubic hair length
* reordered the search a bit
* search: replaced some textfields with comboboxes
* a new pie chart shows the studios a performer has worked for
* added some icons to the statistic
* movie list window uses now a monospaced font which helps the readability 
  especially when the meta data is prefixed
* modified / moved some buttons for better (?) overview
* in the top lists a country flag is displayed next to the name
* person nodes have the country flag in the icon
* display icons in person statistic 
* filters are cleared before opening movies in the movie window (e.g. from the
  search results)
* new field for persons: date of death, cause of death
* re-create screencaps of single scenes
* after a screencap is re-recreated it gets automatically reloaded
* person details is loaded a bit faster

* the search highlighting in the movies window was not working when metadata
  were prefixed
* shortcut for adding to temporary playlist in studio window was not working
* in the studio window movies/scenes/bookmarks were not added to a temporary 
* history playlist: "start from here [reverse]" was either in the reversed order
  or was not working at all
* "Show pictures" used the wrong width
* deleting a movie object for a DVD was not deleting all data in the database
  which made it impossible to re-create a movie for this movie after deleting it
* after creating a new person the person was not available in the drop down list
  to select a person in the person details panel
* no person body data was shown if it was not marked as default
* after adding a person from clipboard to a scene in the studio window the node
  was not updated
* after saving a movie with an intro bookmark the intro was loaded even though
  the movie node was still selected
* after updating a scene node not all information were displayed
* under rare circumstances the person importer created/duplicated the existing
  person body objects
* the movie window showed "DVD" as an option in the order list even though
  the settings disabled "DVD"
* removing a person from the search result via CTRL+DEL was not working
* "Add n Sub-bookmarks to bookmark" was throwing an exception
* fixed some bugs in the search (and definitely introduced some new ones)
* Studio field 'defunct' was not mapped during synchronization

* new import files (33 females, 73 males, 14 studio)

* tweaked the layout here a bit and there a bit
* movies with a rating of 11 or 12 will have a flame in the node icon
* changed shortcut for adding an entity to the playlist to CTRL+P (since the
  old one, CTRL+INSERT, was not working)
* a button to upload a movie was visible even though the functionality was not
  implemented yet. The button was removed.
* the drop down under "statistic / top" does not reload the statistic 
  automatically anymore
* upgraded dependencies
* on Linux GTK3 gets now requested (necessary for the Worldmap)
* for generating screencaps you need at least ~120 MB free disc space
* if you are using the VLC plugin make sure you activated OSD see here

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Scenerixx permits to keep the original filenames, hashes for duplicates (!!!!), and has a granularity of informations which can be managed which is almost unbelievable. For this, you need to apply some minutes of reading, but in the range of 10-15, not more.
(Vik Tlo)

I tried scenerixx and I have to say it is what I long waited to find. I tried [something else], but right now the development seems to be stopped, and it didn't have the granularity and mass of information that can be obtained in scenerixx (also, the separation in scenes even when there is just a single video file).
(Vik Tlo)

Feature-wise Scenerixx is definitely what I was looking for. UX-wise, it is a bit of a mess ;)

(a Scenerixx user)

Nice program you made.


I have been looking for an app like this for years. I had been using [other product] but it couldn't do what I wanted.


Thanks for the wonderful work

(a Scenerixx user)

Thank you for your help, and your excellent app.

R. H.

it's a huge help in getting it all organized... thanks so much for all the hard work!

(BBWLuvr via Discord)

Great product.

(a user)

Love all the updates and changes. Awesome job. Thank you.


I have organized more of my collection in 72 hours than in 5 years of using another app.

(Bobfather_63 on twitter)